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About the Founder


Kelly Alexander is the founder of Great American Tax Remedy, which empowers American taxpayers like you to liberate themselves from federal and state income taxes through powerful, little known banking laws that anyone legally working in the private sector-United States, can leverage.  Wanting to understand and become a more empowered citizen, Kelly embarked on a quest that, after a decade of research and some painful dealings with the IRS,  led her to uncovering secrets of the tax system and banking laws.  What she unexpectedly discovered was a legitimate way to opt out of today’s usurious and misleading tax system.  Sharing those discoveries and empowering others to apply them correctly is now her life’s calling.

Kelly is the author of a soon to be released  upcoming book  From Fear To Freedom–Liberation From The U.S. Income-Tax System and has helped small business owners, W-2 wage earners, doctors, investors etc. cut their taxes by tens of thousands of dollars —  legally — without complicated strategies, or scrounging for new deductions, while at the same time lowering the US national debt.  

It’s truly possible and legal for YOU to pay modest or ZERO income tax — Kelly shows you how.

Great American Tax Remedy is absolutely amazing! Their knowledge and passion for educating people is out of this world. Thanks to them, I have not only learned valuable information regarding taxes, the government, and lawful money, but I have also received ALL of my federal withholding back with no delay!Joe P.
I’ve known Kelly Alexander for 2 years now—since 2016. I have used her services for both Personal and Business filing. Kelly is extremely knowledgeable, detail-oriented and professional. She has helped me to save a lot of money! I trust her implicitly and I am very impressed with the depth of her knowledge, professional integrity, fortitude and fearlessness. I am very happy with her services and recommend her without any reservation. Sincerely, Victoria Stitzer, business owner.Victoria Stitzer